The “Hellenism in the Heartland” series, published by Greek American Press, an imprint of PSIHCO, LLC, chronicles the legacy of Greek-American Community Services (GACS) and the early histories of its two related organizations, the Greek-American Nursing Home Committee (GANHC) and the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE). It also offers a glimpse into Hellenic life in Chicago during this era (1970s-2000s); a time of increased cultural appreciation and awareness, renewed ethnic pride, and unprecedented achievement. 

Authored by John Psiharis, who was GACS co-founder, president, and executive director; with the active involvement of Dr. Elaine Thomopoulos; who served as GACS co-founder, vice president, administrator, and cultural arts program director; this series includes photos, ephemera, detailed timelines, and who’s who listings for each organization. John and Elaine’s experiences, recollections, and files, provide a comprehensive history of GACS and insider accounts of how the GANHC achieved what some thought impossible, the fulfillment of the community’s long-held dream of establishing a Greek-American nursing home. 

Working to Preserve Our Heritage: The Incredible Legacy of Greek-American Community Services, meticulously details the dynamic history of GACS, which in its day, celebrated, promoted, and preserved Greek American cultural heritage though far-ranging public programs in the arts and humanities, touched the lives of thousands through its social services, introduced adult day care as a viable care option for the community, helped build better interethnic understanding and cooperation, and gave birth to the committee that established Chicago’s Greek-American Nursing Home. The early years of the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE), an organization GACS played a key role in launching, are also described. 

Breaking Ground: The Inside Story of Chicago’s Greek Nursing Home Movement, the second in the series, recounts the groundbreaking efforts of the GANHC to establish a Greek American nursing home. This book, in intimate detail, tells the story of how this monumental project came to fruition. John and Elaine’s involvement as co-founders and board members throughout this time provides a unique vantage point for this narrative. 

Hellenes in the Windy City: The Greeks in Chicago - 1970-2000, co-written by John Psiharis and Elaine Thomopoulos, is a snapshot of Greek life in Chicago during the time of GACS, including profiles, photos, and ephemera of some of the more prominent individuals and organizations of the era. It is planned for 2025.